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Do your corporate (SME) taxes online with our Quebec tax experts and accountants

T2inc is the simple and efficient solution for filing your business tax returns.

Accounting and tax consulting for your company

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to prepare your SME corporate tax returns (T2, CO-17)? At T2inc, we offer you a simple and fast accounting and tax software solution. Intended for businesses in Quebec and across Canada, our online solution will help you save more taxes and benefit from the accounting and tax expertise of our professionals.

See how to prepare your tax returns in 4 easy steps.

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A 4-step method

User identifying securly on a computer screen.


Enter your name, first name, email and your phone number.

Expert document exchange


Upload the necessary documents to your file

Professional phone call


A member of our team will contact you to finalize the file

Online report filing


Our team will send your report and voila!

The method

Accounting and taxation for companies

Prepare your SME (T2, CO-17) income tax returns with the help of dedicated tax experts:


Cooperate online, with tax experts, for your corporate income tax in Canada.

File your corporate income tax returns (T2, CO-17) to the taxation authorities with the help of online tax experts, specialized in Canadian corporate taxation laws and regulations, especially concerning SME taxation.


Save money with our corporate income tax returns software designed by experienced tax experts.

Thanks to our innovative tax software, and to the assistance of our numerous dedicated tax experts, you will be rightfully equipped to easily prepare and file your next corporate income tax returns to the concerned provincial and federal revenue agencies (Canadian Revenue Agency and Revenue Québec) from the comfort of your own house.


Enjoy more free time thanks to our web-based online corporate income tax returns software specifically designed for Canadian SME.

Access your corporate income tax returns whenever, wherever. Avoid any delay in complying with your tax" obligations by preparing your income tax returns (T2, CO‑17) through our website, which is accessible all around the clock no matter where you are in Canada.

Ready to start your Canada corporate income tax returns (T2, CO‑17)?

Our tax experts, available online, will contact you enable you to start the whole tax return process online without further ado.

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What is

We are an accounting firm relying on numerous tax experts specializing in corporate income tax preparation (T2, CO‑17) in Canada. is a turnkey corporate income tax solution designed by deeply experienced tax accountants to service all Canadian SME. Thanks to our online corporate income tax software for SME, and with the assistance of our many tax experts available online, you will save time, money, and taxes, in the preparation of your next corporate income tax statement wherever you are in Canada.

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Cynthia Savard, CEO of

“I loved working with the tax experts ate for the preparation of my corporate income tax returns. Their tax experts helped me every step of the way in using their online tax solution to facilitate the filing of my corporate tax returns. In the end, I saved money and time and I won’t hesitate to recommend the T2inc. Team to any SME looking for a fast and convenient way to get rid of their next corporate tax returns. is the perfect solution for my SME.”

Cynthia Savard
CEO of
Guillaume Godbout, CEO of

“Ever since I started working with the tax experts at, I have been saving taxes, lots of taxes! With the wise counselling of their tax experts, I was allowed to save hundreds of dollars, all the while continuing to focus on my day-to-day business.”

Guillaume Godbout
CEO of
Alexandre Lalonde from

“Whether it’s by using their online software, or calling on their team of experienced tax experts available online from anywhere in Canada, working with is simply wonderful. Theirs is a service you can depend upon and my clients appreciated all the help they got from the tax experts to save money.”

Alexandre Lalonde

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