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At T2inc., our team of proven accountants and business tax experts specializes in the preparation and filing of Canadian companies’ tax returns. To comply with our desire to offer specifically tailored services to each and every one of our valued clients, we have created an innovative tax accounting software that will greatly facilitate the filing of your corporate tax statement from start to finish. With the T2inc. tax software solution, you’ll never go through the nightmares of tax filings again. Of course, our exclusive software easily fits the needs of every Canadian company, from Sea to Sea. 

Our devoted team of experienced business tax experts are just one click away!

What greatly differentiates T2inc from any other tax software solution on the market today is the level of support and assistance that our tax experts provide to each one of our clients. From start to finish, our experts are just one click away from answering any question you may have while filling your next corporate tax statement. This way, we make sure you are always 100% satisfied with the services we provide to your business. Wherever, whenever, our experts are available around the clock to help you every single step of the way, up until your tax statement is complete and ready for review by the different provincial and federal revenue agencies.

Vancouver, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Saint John’s; we deserve every business of every region of the Canadian Territory. 

Do we offer a product or business tax services? Both, whatever your needs are!

At T2inc., our corporate mission is known by each and every accountant and business tax expert on our team:

« Making the end of the fiscal year easier for Canadian Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and providing them with a fast, efficient, reliable and professional solution for end-of-the-year tax statements»

We live by this commitment each and every day and we pledge to offer the most complete assistance on the market to each and every one of our valued clients. 

T2inc: The most complete accounting service and business tax solution software out there

At T2inc, we proud ourselves in being able to provide Canadian entrepreneurs with a complete range of reliable and efficient accounting services. Ours is probably one of the most performant and easiest tax software out there and we are fully confident that whatever your business model, our tax software will help you in filing your next tax statement faster, and to receive each and every penny you are entitled to from different revenue agencies on Canadian soil. Over the years, we constantly updated our service offer in order to always address the developing needs and demands of Canadian SMEs. In the T2inc. tax software, you can find the most achieved and complete solution to meet all of your accounting needs. In the end, you get less time dealing with tax issues and more time doing what you do best. Just concentrate on your business, and leave the accounting tasks to us!

Experienced accountants in every field of the business

The T2inc experts specialize in every field of accounting and corporate taxation. Through determination and hard work, we have been able to establish a deep and reliable accounting division and made a name for ourselves. We can help you in any business task, whatever your needs are, whatever your questions, we have the experts to answer them clearly.

We also offer complete training services for entrepreneurs who wish to improve their accounting skills and better understand the Canadian particularities regarding corporate accounting and its legislation. Our network of trustworthy partners are established throughout Quebec and Canada and can help you in finding the books you need!

A proven business tax software

Our business tax experts service allows entrepreneurs to get full support on all matters concerning the taxation of their business in Canadian laws and legislation. Our online business tax software allows you to quickly and easily complete your T2 and CO-17 declarations and the monitoring our team of experts offers gives you an additional guarantee for the production and filing of your corporate tax statement.

With the T2inc business tax service, you can forget the mistakes and late penalties that may end up costing a great deal of money to your business. Why take the risk of doing it wrong? Call on our reliable business tax service to submit your tax returns quickly and safely to the concerned revenue agencies. 


Discover the T2inc. business

Why T2inc?

At T2inc, we do not see ourselves as just a software company, but rather as an experienced accounting firm that provides professional services to clients all over Canada via its very own innovative and user-friendly online tax software.

This is all in order to make life easier for serious entrepreneurs all around Canada that are better off concentrating on their day-to-day activities rather than engaging in the nightmarish puzzle of tax returns submissions.

This is why we pledge to offer tailored-fit support for any Canadian enterprise, even though they are operating in remote areas where access to reliable tax experts is sometimes very difficult. If you want what’s best for your company, if you want to get rid of corporate tax returns once and for all, you owe it to yourself to call the T2inc team right away so we can get started on addressing your business tax needs as soon as possible.

T2inc offers the best business tax services in Canada, wherever you are and whenever you are free to discuss accounting with one of our experienced tax experts.

Feel free to visit our blog or to contact us directly if you have any question or inquiries regarding our business tax services.

At T2inc, the future of business accounting is now!