What are the required documents to fill your corporate tax return?

To help you with your tax return, T2inc.ca’s tax accountants need specific and essential documents to fill a corporate income tax return (T2 and CO-17 forms).

Here is a list of essential documents in order for you to have a quick service:

  • Financial statement of your company
  • A copy of your last corporation income tax return
  • A copy of your last tax assessments
  • If it is your company’s first tax return, have in hand your general identifying information from government and tax authorities.

You can send us copies of your documents via mail, fax (514-868-2115) or email (support@t2inc.ca).

With these documents in hand, T2inc.ca will be able to complete your tax return, simply and efficiently. Please get in touch with us to have more information (1 800-836-0585). Our team will happily answer any question you may have!