What is T2inc.ca?

T2inc.ca is the new and simple way of doing your corporate tax return in Quebec and in Canada, online and with the help of experts. T2inc.ca is one of the first platforms that offer suited solutions for your online tax return. We have been working in the field for a long time and have given excellent service to all of our clients. We allow entrepreneurs to take advantage of the time they would normally use on their tax return. With the help of high level professional accountants, the information is properly sent to the governments and authorities concerned. As a firm of CPA accountants, we possess the essential abilities as well as an excellent knowledge of the procedures. The preparation and declaration of your tax return will have never been that easy!

T2inc.ca is also an interactive web platform that is simple, safe and that allows you to easily produce your corporation tax return online. You will benefit from the help of a qualified tax expert that will optimize your financial situation. T2inc.ca is the best of both worlds between doing your tax return yourself or by contracting an accounting firm. We use an accounting software from Quebec that facilitates the task. You will even get insight from our professionals on a variety of subjects, such as credits, deductions and legislative changes. This software is easy and quick to use. Besides, you can make sure that you observe the deadlines.

The software T2inc.ca uses will make your life easier: you can do it from the comfort of your home and it is efficient and well thought of. Producing your corporate tax returns (T2 and CO-17 forms) will become easy, quick and less expensive with T2inc.ca.

Note that we are not a single use licence software like ProFile, Taxprep or DT Max. This means that if you are making your tax returns yourself, you should use one of them. First and foremost, we define ourselves as a firm of tax accountants that decided to help entrepreneurs from all over Quebec, through T2inc.ca’s software solution.

Please get in touch with our tax accountants. We are sure you will be satisfied with the quality of our service as well as the results.