T2inc: tax accountants for you corporate income tax returns

T2inc.ca: a firm of accountants, we developed an online software solution for corporate income tax returns 

Are you still wondering: what is T2inc.ca, a software or a accounting firm? Is it a product or a service?

 “T2inc.ca is a solution to do your T2 and CO‑17 corporate income tax returns online with the assistance of tax professionals.”

Our business mission: “To make the taxation year end easy and trouble-free for SME and entrepreneurs in Canada”. Our goal: “Facilitate your life easy and offer a fast, dependable, and professional service”.

We do not think of ourselves as a software company but rather as an accounting firm offering services through its own web-based software solution, and aiming at making life easier for entrepreneurs wherever they are located in Quebec, including in distant regions where tax accountants are scarce. You want a tax accountant to handle your corporate income tax returns? Then we are the solution for your business.