Accounting and tax services for businesses from T2inc tax specialists

At T2inc, we are committed to providing business owners in Quebec and throughout Canada with the most comprehensive accounting and tax services available. We put all the expertise of our tax specialists, as well as our partners working in accounting and taxation, at the disposal of your business.

Our flagship service: an online solution for corporate tax preparation

We understand that filing a business tax return can be a complex task. This is why we have created a software solution that enables business owners to easily prepare and submit their tax returns to the relevant agencies.

In order to offer you the best possible service, we also provide you with a team of tax and accounting specialists to assist you in filing your tax returns with the provincial and federal tax authorities.

In short, with T2inc, you benefit from a complete tax software available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as the expertise of seasoned professionals who will guide you through all the steps involved with corporate income tax returns in Quebec.

A full range of accounting and tax services for your business

When you work with T2inc, you can also rest assured that all the other accounting and tax services that your company may need are available within the same company!

Services from a team of accounting and tax specialists committed to your success

While our main focus is supporting businesses in Quebec and throughout Canada in the preparation and filing of their corporate income tax returns, our experts will provide you with a wealth of advice to ensure that you benefit from additional advantages.

This will allow you to benefit from additional tax credits or tax benefits in addition to receiving the highest quality tax and accounting services.

Discover more about each of the services we offer or contact our experts for more information!