T2inc: Corporate accounting services adapted to businesses in Quebec and Canada

At T2inc, our core strength rests on business taxation. However, since our primary goal is to help entrepreneurs reach their fiscal and accounting objectives, we are pleased to offer corporate accounting as part of our range of services!

We have developed an extensive partner network so that each organization can benefit from the accounting solution best suited to its needs. This network enables us to rely on all the resources we need to offer personalized accounting services of the highest quality.

If you need support in business accounting, we can provide the service you need.

T2inc: a wide range of corporate accounting services

Businesses have different accounting needs than individuals. Essentially, they must produce documents that meet specific requirements from different authorities.

We therefore offer a number of services intended to make life easier for entrepreneurs.


In order to comply with government, accounting and legal requirements, every business is required to document its commercial activities. This data can also be used by decision-makers, providing a wealth of relevant information when making strategic decisions. For this reason, bookkeeping is integral to the sound management of a business.

Naturally, this task requires a great deal of rigour and discipline. If you want to free yourself from this obligation, entrust it to T2inc. You can rest assured that your books will always be well kept.

Notice to reader

Every business is responsible for producing its financial statements annually. Of course, the figures presented in these statements must be precise and provide a true and accurate picture of reality. This is why T2inc offers a Notice to Reader service to verify the information contained in your financial statements.

Our service ensures that your financial statements meet the requirements of the tax authorities.

Review engagement

This service is for companies that want to obtain large sums of money via massive loans or investments. In these special cases, the bank or investor may require certain documents to ensure that they do not incur too much risk when lending this money.

In this case, T2inc can help you make your application credible to the major lenders. To do this, we work with a network of partners including CPAs that specialize in audit production.

Virtual financial officer

If you want to grow your business, T2inc can also act as a virtual financial officer, assisting you in developing and achieving your business objectives.

We can help you find important ratios and significant figures, and perform in-depth analysis, so you can find the information you need to make informed decisions, especially with regards to your corporate taxes.

In short, you can benefit from personalized support that enables easier management of your business.

Our other accounting services available individually or as part of a package

In general, accounting is the first thing that a company will outsource. In this sense, T2inc can offer you diverse means of simplifying your business accounting.

You can therefore entrust us with various accounting tasks, such as payroll preparation, invoice scanning and GST/QST tax reports. These different services can be offered individually or in the form of packages, always tailored to the needs of your business.

This will save you time and money, help you avoid unpleasant mistakes and enable you to focus on the things you are passionate about and truly master.

Do not hesitate to contact us to create your own accounting services package.