Tax solution online for your business

Are you are looking for an effective tax solution for your business in Quebec? Are you searching for a solution tailored to the needs of your company? is the most complete solution for corporate taxation in Canada. Our business tax experts will accompany you through every step of the taxation of your company to help you better understand the complexities and issues related to your industry. The tax solution business for Quebec companies

Being a CPA firm specializing in corporate tax solutions, we have all the skills and all the knowledge required to respond to various questions related to the taxation of your organization. Indeed, as we know, tax is a major strategic issue for the development of your business. And it can be difficult for an entrepreneur to know all of the rights and obligations regarding the multitude of rules that apply to taxation. The multidisciplinary expertise of our corporate tax accountants enables T2inc to bring you optimal support in the positive growth of your corporate structure. The role of experts T2inc through the services we offer is to advise entrepreneurs so that they can take advantage of the tax system in a favourable manner while respecting the law.

Some services offered by our business tax T2inc are:

  • Tax planning in creating and starting your business
  • Tax planning for the compensation of shareholder-managers
  • Tax planning for your fiscal year
  • Tax representation service with tax authorities
  • Challenging arbitrary contribution from Revenue Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency
  • Tax audit management with tax authorities
  • Corporate tax solutions for income returns (T2 and CO-17)
  • Experts-tax at your service

With T2inc, you can take advantage of our support in all your tax procedures with or experts who can advise you. Our specialists operate as adviser-experts working closely with your organization to provide all the necessary support your business needs. Whether you are an SMB or a large organization, our tax-experts offer you the best solutions for your work environment and your industry.

The whole business at T2inc was started to offer Canadian entrepreneurs tax solutions that were tailored-fit to their specific organizational needs. We know that in today’s complex commercial ecosystem, every single company has its own needs, its own expectations, its own way of thinking things. 

That is exactly why we offer an easy-to-use software tax solution with tax experts one click away from answering all your questions about corporate taxation and other business legislation. With our services, there is no need to worry yourself, our tax experts have your back every step of the way!

T2inc is the most effective solution for contractors and Canadian companies who seek a comprehensive and flexible service. From accounting to tax solutions, our specialists will make you benefit from their expertise.

Contact our expert tax professionals now to benefit from a tailored tax solution service and to receive all the information you need to file your next corporate tax returns!