Discover the T2inc corporate tax software to facilitate your online corporate income tax returns

T2inc, the user-friendly and dependable corporate tax software solution for your T2 and CO17 tax returns

Are you a Canadian Entrepreneur looking for an online T2 tax software to do your corporate income tax returns?

Like you may already know, tax rules and regulations can be truly mesmerizing. It’s one of the reasons why so many business administrators find it so difficult to do their annual corporate tax returns. Even though you are a SME with limited budgets, you still have to send in your tax reports every year. This is one of the reasons why our accounting firm based in Montreal decided to offer its clients a user-friendly corporate tax software that can make the completion and filing of your corporate tax statement faster and easier.

Additionally, T2inc offers you around-the-clock customer support by proven tax experts who can assist you 24/7 and answer any question you may have in relation with our corporate tax software.

Our innovative corporate tax software: the best of both worlds

The T2inc software solution really gives you the best of both worlds. No more having to choose between doing your corporate taxes by yourself or paying expensive bucks to a firm of tax accountants. At T2Inc, we developed a hassle-free and efficient tool that allows you to fill in your T2 and CO-17 corporate tax returns using our exclusive online software solution, all the while benefitting from the assistance of our proven tax experts.

How does our corporate tax software distinguish itself from competition?

The T2inc tax software isn’t a unique license software like ProFile, Taxprep or DT Max. At T2inc, we decided long ago to take the extra step and provide better support and assistance to our clients. In the end, we are aiming to assist promising Canadian entrepreneurs everywhere to keep their energy to do what they do best: conduct business, while we do what we’re best at: filing complete tax returns in order for our clients to get every single penny they are entitled to.

Here are some advantages of the corporate tax software:

  • With accessible around the clock online support from anywhere in Canada, our T2inc corporate tax software solution allows for the electronic filing of corporate income tax returns to the concerned tax authorities;
  • You get complete online assistance from professional tax accountants that specialize in SME accounting;
  • With our corporate tax software, you get the quality controls, preparation standards, and expertise you would get from any other major accounting cabinet, thanks to the software artificial intelligence;
  • You have quick access to experts’ advice to save tax;
  • Our corporate tax software’s automated processes makes it a user-friendly, fast, professional, and trustworthy tax solution;
  • It is a secure and confidential corporate tax solution, on the cutting-edge of technology.

Furthermore, you may call upon our team members for any question concerning our online software solution wherever you are in Canada.

That’s not all! Our corporate tax software solution is accessible around the clock, so you may complete your income tax return easily at your own convenience.

Don’t wait! All you have to do is create your online account and you’ll be up and running in no time!