Business Tax Software for Canadian Corporations

T2inc, the user-friendly and dependable corporate tax software solution for your T2 and CO-17 tax returns

Are you looking for online tax software to do your T2 and CO-17 business taxes in Canada? Tax laws can be complex and preparing your T2 returns is no simple task. Why not use a simple all-in-one solution to file your corporate income tax?

Our corporate tax firm has created a turnkey software solution for online corporate tax returns: Additionally, T2inc offers you around-the-clock customer support by expert tax accountants who can assist you 24/7 and answer any question you may have about our corporate tax software.

Simple tax software supported by our experts is the best of both worlds between doing your taxes in-house and hiring a tax accounting firm. We have developed a simple and user-friendly tool that allows you to complete your T2 and CO-17 returns with ease.

With our online business tax return software solution, you benefit from the assistance of our team of accountants and tax experts throughout the filing process. Our goal is to guarantee you quality work done by industry professionals.

Our tax software does not require the use of a unique license. Consequently, if you prefer to do your taxes completely in-house, it is better to choose one of these options. At T2inc, we decided long ago to take the extra step and provide better support and assistance to our clients.

The advantages of corporate tax software

  • With 24/7 around the clock online support from anywhere in Canada, our T2inc corporate tax software solution allows for the electronic filing of corporate income tax returns to the concerned tax authorities
  • You get complete online assistance from professional corporate tax accountants that specialize in SME accounting
  • With our corporate tax software, you get the quality controls, preparation standards, and expertise you would get from any other major accounting cabinet, thanks to the software artificial intelligence
  • You have quick access to experts’ advice to save on business tax
  • Our corporate tax software’s automated processes makes it a user-friendly, fast, professional, and trustworthy tax solution
  • It is a secure and confidential corporate tax solution, on the cutting-edge of technology

Simplify your tax returns with our corporate tax software

Filing your business taxes has never been easier and faster with our online tax software. Get in touch with our experts for all your business tax returns and benefit from support tailored to the specific needs of your business.

What are you waiting for? Simply contact one of our specialists to take advantage of our software solution for your business taxes and all our expertise!