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The expertise gathered over the years by our team of professional tax advisors is something every Canadian company should lean on when annual corporate tax returns are around the corner. This is exactly what the T2Inc accounting firm aims to do by offering its innovative and user-friendly tax software to any Canadian company, whether it is operating in a major metropolitan area or from a more isolated and remote location.

In addition to providing Canadian business entrepreneurs with a highly efficient online software, T2Inc offers around the clock online support from proven tax advisors that are always just a click away from answering all your questions or helping you through the stages of your tax return submission.

Our software, as well as the assistance services from professional tax advisors is accessible online 24/7 throughout most of Canada. At T2inc, we know that Canadian entrepreneurs prefer to spend time closing deals rather than taking care of accounting tasks. This is why we proud ourselves in offering a user-friendly, fast and efficient solution that enables our clients to produce quick and complete tax returns, whether it’s for a provincial or federal revenue agency.

Tax advisors available online to offer support to your business

At T2inc, we have many online tax advisors who can accompany you throughout the production process of your corporate tax returns. This support is offered by professional tax advisors, so you always get the guarantee of a fast and secure transmission of all your corporate tax returns to concerned government authorities.

What’s even better is that you get access to both our innovative software solution and our professional online tax advisors 24/7 from wherever you are in Canada. There is no doubt we are the best solution for taking care of all of your corporate taxes online, all the while enjoying quality customer service from trustworthy tax advisors.

Which now begs the question: Why pay a fortune for your taxes or spend dozens of hours doing them yourself when you can get a better and faster service by trusting the tax advisors at T2inc?

What we offer is a complete accounting solution with on-hand unlimited access to online tax advisors.

Producing your company tax returns has never been that simple, easy or fast!

The trustworthy expertise of our online tax advisors at your full service

T2inc tax advisors are all deeply qualified accountants who frequented the highest and most prestigious Canadian universities. Our approach is based on a quality service, and a warranty that ensures each one of our clients of a quick and neat submission of their tax returns to concerned government revenue agencies. The proven expertise of our tax advisors allows entrepreneurs across all of Canada to fully benefit from numerous tax advice in order to achieve greater economies at the end of the tax submission process.

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With our software, you get all of the services usually offered by professional accountants and tax advisors at a competitive and flexible rate that adapts to your business model and budget.



Cooperate online, with tax experts, for your corporate income tax in Canada.

File your corporate income tax returns (T2, CO-17) to the taxation authorities with the help of online tax experts, specialized in Canadian corporate taxation laws and regulations, especially concerning SME taxation


Save money with our corporate income tax returns software designed by experienced tax experts.

Thanks to our innovative tax software, and to the assistance of our numerous dedicated tax experts, you will be rightfully equipped to easily prepare and file your next corporate income tax returns to the concerned provincial and federal revenue agencies (Canadian Revenue Agency and Revenue Québec) from the comfort of your own house.


Enjoy more free time thanks to our web-based online corporate income tax returns software specifically designed for Canadian SME.

Access your corporate income tax returns whenever, wherever. Avoid any delay in complying with your tax" obligations by preparing your income tax returns (T2, CO‑17) through our website, which is accessible all around the clock no matter where you are in Canada.

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« I love working with the tax advisors team at T2inc for my corporate taxes. For me it’s the perfect solution for all SMEs. »

Cynthia Savard
Présidente de Sinville.ca

« Depuis que je travaille avec T2inc., j'économise énormément d'impôt! Leurs conseils fiscaux m'ont permis d'économiser plusieurs centaines de dollars tout en permettant de me concentrer sur ma business. »

Guillaume Godbout
Fondateur de LesConseillersdAffaires.ca

« I love working with T2inc.ca tax advisors for their must-reliable services, my customers love the support provided by the T2inc.ca tax advisors. »

Alexandre Lalonde
Frederic Roy-Gobeil, CPA, CGA, M.FISC
President of T2inc.ca, Frédéric is a former tax expert at Ernst & Young. He is also a member of the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) and proud-graduate of the University of Sherbrooke’s Master’s degree in tax planning and taxation. Frédéric is fascinated by entrepreneurship and dedicated to the success of all of his customers.