Corporate tax

Starting a new business is no easy task. New challenges emerge every day, many of which are financial in nature. Of course, if an SME wants to be successful, its managers must face these challenges, sometimes by betting on innovative solutions.

Here are some of the main accounting challenges that new SMEs must overcome to be successful, as well as some ideas on how to tackle them.

Company incorporation

For a company to do legitimate business in Quebec, it has to operate in one of the following three forms: a sole proprietorship, a partnership or a corporation. A corporation is the most common legal structure because of the benefits it provides in terms of protecting shareholder business risk and taxation.

Business incorporation can also save a great deal in taxes and provide companies with more cash flow. However, to ensure that this form of operation is the most profitable, SME owners should perform a preliminary analysis to identify the best options available for the growth of their company.

Accounting process standardization

Just as work methods improve and streamline over time, a company's accounting processes must also be optimized to increase its chances of success. In an area like accounting, the secret of efficiency often lies in the task standardization. Payroll management, invoice payment and tax returns are all tasks that can be optimized by defining a clear set of processes.

Software tools are a good approach to this end. In fact, many IT solutions made available to entrepreneurs can simplify financial management by standardizing processes. This reduces the risk of mistakes and decreases the time required for accounting tasks.

Filing tax returns

Producing tax documents is another challenge that small and medium-sized businesses face each year. In order to comply with government, accounting and legal requirements, corporate tax returns have to contain accurate figures and present a faithful view of reality. Preparing tax returns therefore requires a high degree of precision and diligence, especially for someone who lacks expertise in this area.

Once again, the most logical solution to this problem is the use of digital tools. Online tax software that also includes the support of accountants and tax specialists offers many tax benefits for entrepreneurs. This type of program allows you to take advantage of the maximum number of tax credits while complying with applicable standards. From a purely practical point of view, this software also lets you send corporate tax returns to the tax authorities electronically and in total confidentiality.

Meet accounting challenges with the help of T2inc.ca

Naturally, the challenges listed above are only a few examples among many others. There are many other accounting aspects to starting a business and ensuring its longevity that can cause headaches for entrepreneurs.

In any case, SMEs can rely on T2inc.ca's accounting solutions to simplify the management of their accounts and the various tasks associated with them. Contact one of T2inc.ca's specialists right away to benefit from personalized support from experienced tax accountants.

Frédéric Roy-Gobeil


As President of T2inc.ca and an entrepreneur at heart, I have founded many start-ups such as delve Labs and T2inc.ca. A former tax specialist at Ernst & Young, I am also a member of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés CPA and have a master's degree in taxation from the Université de Sherbrooke. With a passion for the world of entrepreneurship and the growth mindset, I have authored numerous articles and videos on the industry and the business world, as well as on accounting, taxation, financial statements and financial independence.

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