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Most corporations in Canada have an obligation to file a corporate tax return for each taxation year, even if they do not have to pay taxes that year. So many companies find themselves faced with countless documents to complete every year. At the very least, it can be said that filing your corporate taxes is a complex task!

When it comes to filing your tax returns, it's important to send your documents to the right place: but where can you find the correct tax center address to send in your corporate tax return? Discover our tips to be sure to send your tax documents to the right place!

Where to find information on how to file your income tax return?

When it comes to completing tax returns, compliance with mailing deadlines, as well sending all your documents to the correct address is a must for all businesses located on Quebec soil or in Canadian lands.

There are two options for sending your company tax return: by mail or online. Although less convenient and slower than sending documents via the web, mailed-in tax returns remain an alternative still widely used by many companies. Mailing in paper returns is particularly popular amongst many Quebec businesses.

Finding the right address to send your return to depends on your location in Canada. Depending on your location, the destination address will be different and it is your responsibility not to be mistaken when mailing in your documents, under penalty of receiving possible late fees.

To find the address of your tax collection office, simply go to the websites of Revenue Canada and Revenu Québec to get accurate information about your T2 returns. You can also obtain all the information regarding your shipment by asking for a guide at post offices or at the nearest Service Canada office.

When you send your statements, be careful to choose the documents according to your province!

As for mailing in a paper corporate tax return, be aware that in the event of a gross annual income greater than one million dollars, Revenu Québec and Revenue Canada require you to go through the online filing solution. And if like many, the web is not familiar to you, a corporate tax advisor can accompany you in filing your corporate taxes online, and can even take care of sending your returns via the web.

Filing and sending in your corporate tax returns online: how is it done?

Filing your company's tax return via the Internet can be done in three distinct ways:

Personally with the help of online software

You can even register your company free of charge on the ClicSÉQUR website in order to fill out and send in your tax return online. However, you will need to use authorized software to submit your return. Inquire about software licensed by the Canadian government.

Seeking the help of a third-party handler 

If you do not wish to file your taxes alone, you can use a third-party handler who will send in the tax return using their own ClicSÉQUR user code or company code.

They will use the EFILE service: Electronic Filing of an Income Tax. You will, however, have to give them the power of attorney to attest on your behalf.

Going through a licensed third-party handler

Lastly, you can also choose to use the services of an authorized tax handler. They will transfer your application with their NetFile Québec access code. You do not need to set up a power of attorney since you can pre-fill the transmission form and send it directly to the handler.

You should also be aware that from 2013 onwards, preparers who produce more than a dozen corporate tax returns per year must transmit them only via the Internet.

You now know the different solutions for your sending in your corporate tax returns, as well as the methods to easily find the address of the right tax center. To learn more about the support of T2inc, or to get more information, contact one of our experts!

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