Our incorporation service for businesses in Quebec and Canada

Are you self-employed or dreaming of starting your own company, but don't know which legal entity should be used? Has your business been operating for some time, but you are interested in expanding?

If you are wondering about these questions, T2inc can provide you with information on the various tax aspects of incorporation in Quebec or Canada and personally guide you through the process.

We guide you when choosing the right business incorporation structure

As corporate tax consultants, we can explain the issues related to the different legal forms your company may take.

There are three types of businesses in Quebec:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnerships
  • Joint stock companies

Each of these entities brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages that it is important to know if you want to determine which one best suits your business.

We can help you incorporate a business in Quebec or Canada

A corporation is the most common legal structure for operating a business. This type of entity has several advantages, both for the protection of the shareholders' business interests and for tax considerations. Essentially, incorporation can save a considerable amount of money in taxes and leave companies with more cash to reinvest in the business.

Review your options before choosing incorporation

Good support during the incorporation process gives you a better understanding of the entire process. Our team can even make a preliminary analysis that will determine the best options available for the growth of your company. Having us analyze your business and personal situation will help you determine if incorporation is the right solution for you and your company.

Our various business incorporation services

At T2inc, we have a good understanding of SME and corporate taxation in Quebec and Canada. We have the experience and expertise required to advise our clients on the most important factors to consider, so that they can better understand the issues of corporate taxation.

Our services can easily be adapted to the needs of each organization:

  • Tax analysis of the advantages of incorporation for your business in Quebec or Canada
  • Tax analysis of the incorporation of your professional practice
  • Incorporation of your joint stock company via lawyers

Entrepreneurs can therefore count on us for a financially beneficial and hassle-free incorporation.

T2inc: A professional team that has the success of your business at heart

The incorporation of joint stock companies is a legal matter. As corporate tax specialists, we can analyze the tax incentives of incorporation and plan a tax-efficient corporate structure for your venture.

However, although we are not lawyers, we have established relationships with various firms that specialize in business law. Therefore, we retain external lawyers for the formal incorporation of your business. Our goal is to save you time finding a lawyer and save you money on fees.

Make us your business incorporation resource

For all questions related to business incorporation in Quebec or Canada, including which entity would be the most viable for your company, or for more information about our other services, we invite you to contact our experts. It will be our pleasure to support your incorporation process for the successful growth of your company.